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Our Uniform

Uniform is important in school to support children’s sense of belonging and pride in their school. We expect all children to wear correct uniform, including PE kit. 


All children are expected to wear black sensible school shoes. These should have no visible logo and not be easily confused with trainers. Trainers should only be worn for sport.


When working in class or in P.E. lessons, long hair must be tied back (or covered with a net or be protected in some other way).


Jewellery should ideally not be worn in school with the exception of watches.  If jewellery is worn then it should be a stud earing only.  Necklaces and bracelets can be hazardous and so should not be worn unless they are medical in nature. 

All jewellery, including stud earrings, MUST be removed before any PE type activity. 

Lost property

Any clothing left in the lost property bins at the end of term is disposed of.  All items of clothing should be clearly marked with your child's name.


Long hair should be tied up and swim caps are advisable for all children. Girls need to wear a one piece costume and boys need to wear swim shorts. Please could we ask for no boarding shorts to be worn as they constitute a potential health and safety hazard and are not recommended as appropriate swimwear.


Uniform is optional for children attending nursery but smaller sized sweatshirts with the school logo are now available from the uniform shop if required.

Uniform list

Winter Uniform:  

  • St Matthew’s logo cardigan/ jumper  

  • St Matthew’s jade green school tie  

  • Grey or black pinafore, skirt /culottes, trousers or shorts 

  • White shirt  

  • Grey or black tights when wearing pinafore, skirt or culottes 

  • White socks when wearing pinafore, skirt or culottes 

  • Black or grey socks when wearing trousers or shorts 

  • Black school shoes (not trainers) 


Summer Uniform:  

  • Red and white gingham summer dress  

  • Grey or black pinafore, skirt / culottes / shorts 

  • White socks when worn with pinafore dress, skirt or culottes 

  • Grey or black shorts or trousers 

  • St Matthew’s logo jumper  

  • White shirt  

  • St Matthews jade green school tie  

  • Grey or black socks when worn with trousers or shorts 

  • Black school shoes/ black enclosed sandals (not trainers) 

  • St Matthew’s summer cap with logo  


P.E. Kit:  

  • St Matthew’s jade green jumper  

  • Black shorts  

  • Red or house colour T shirt  

  • White, grey or black socks  

  • Trainers/ plimsolls  


Where to purchase School Uniform

The School Uniform Company